Inductive Logic: Philosophical Papers (Vol. 11)


Sandy Zabell


On inductive logic (Carnap 1945b)

Two concepts of probability (Carnap 1945c)

Remarks on induction and truth (Carnap 1946b)

Probability as a guide in life (Carnap 1947a)

On the application of inductive logic (Carnap 1947c)

Reply to Nelson Goodman (Carnap 1948a)

The problem of relations in inductive logic (Carnap 19451c)

The continuum of inductive methods (Carnap 1952a)

On the comparative concept of confirmation (Carnap 1953a)

Remarks to Kemeny’s paper (Carnap 1953b)

An outline of a theory of semantic information (Carnap 1953c)

Inductive logic and science (Carnap 1953e)

Semantic information (in communication theory) (Carnap 1953f)

What is probability? (Carnap 1953h)

Statistical and inductive probability / Inductive logic and science (Carnap 1955j)

Remarks on Popper’s note on content and degree of confirmation (Carnap 1956e)

Induktive Logik und Wahrscheinlichkeit (Carnap 1959a)

The aim of inductive logic (Carnap 1962a)

Remarks on probability (Carnap 1963a)

Variety, analogy, and periodicity in inductive logic (Carnap 1963b)

An outline of a theory of semantic information (Carnap 1964a)

Probability and content measure (Carnap 1966b)

On rules of acceptance (Carnap 1968a)

The concept of constituent structure (Carnap 1968b)

Inductive logic and inductive intuition (Carnap 1968c)

Reply to M. Bunge (1968d)

Notes on probability and induction (Carnap 1973a)