Late Writings 1944-1972 (Vol. 8)


Pierre Wagner and Richard Zach


Remarks on Ethics (Carnap 1944a)

The Problem of a World Language (Carnap 1944b )

Hall and Bergmann on Semantics (Carnap 1945a)

Modalities and Quantification (Carnap 1946a)

Rejoinder to Mr. Kaufmann’s Reply (Carnap 1946c)

Theory and Prediction in Science (Carnap 1946d)

Reply to Felix Kaufmann (Carnap 1948c)

A Reply To Leonard Linsky (Carnap 1949e)

Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology (Carnap 1950a, 1952d)

Rejoinder to Linsky (Carnap 1950g)

Letter on Academic Freedom (Carnap 1951a)

Meaning Postulates (Carnap 1952e)

On Belief Sentences (Carnap 1955a)

Remarks on Physicalism and Related Topics (Carnap 1955b)

Meaning and Synonymy in Natural Languages (Carnap 1955c)

On Some Concepts of Pragmatics (Carnap 1955f)

Committee on Mathematical Biology (Carnap 1956a)

The Methodological Character of Theoretical Concepts (Carnap 1956d)

Introductory Remarks to the English Edition of The Philosophy of Space and Time by Hans Reichenbach (Carnap 1958a)

Beobachtungssprache und theoretische Sprache (Carnap 1959b)

Foreword to Modern Philosophy of Science: Selected Essays by Hans Reichenbach (Carnap 1959f)

On the Use of Hilbert’s ε-operator in scientific theories (Carnap 1961e)

Report on imprisoned philosophers in Mexico (Carnap 1970a)

Notes on Semantics (Carnap 1972a)